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Why use our architects fee calculator?

At HOKO Design we're shaking up architecture by doing things differently! Our experienced team of architects strive for consistency in every project and believe that you should be able to enjoy your own unique design vision without the uncertainty and stress of a traditional home improvement project.

I know what you're thinking.

What makes us different?

It's simple really.

We're here to take care of your project from start to finish. We save you money (and most importantly, time!) so that you can focus on what really matters; designing an amazing home.

Our unique 'one-stop-shop' philosophy has been developed from the ground up to ensure that your project is as transformational as it is easy.

So how does it work?

Working with HOKO guarantees that you will benefit from our creative design and planning strategies. By building a team of experienced architects, interior designers, and architectural engineers, then developing relationships with suppliers and builders we're able to take the stress out of home improvements and deliver consistent results.

We're here to help you take your vision from inception all the way through completion. Whether you're planning a full home renovation, or choosing between a loft conversion or extension, no project is too big or small!

Wondering what sort of projects we specialise in?

Home Extensions

From multi-storey extensions to basement conversions or even complete outhouse designs, a home extension gives almost limitless opportunities to be creative. Our unique architecture firm cut it's teeth creating incredible spaces to help people realise the intrinsic potential of their homes, and we're only getting better. Home extension costs can vary depending on their size and scope so if you'd like to find out more check our our blog where we've written some in depth articles about everything from ground floor extensions to whether a flat or sloped roof will work best for your location.

Loft and Garage Conversions

Many of the homeowners we work with are looking for ways to add more living space to their home. As specialists in domestic architecture we understand that, when executed properly, loft conversions and garage conversions can be incredibly effective ways to transform a home and really make the most of a property. Not only can they be transformative to your life, they are a great way to add value to your property!

Interior Architecture

Many architects will look at a space as the framework of a building but we take it a step further. mixing architecture and interior design into our own blend of ‘interior architecture' that enables us to update a home's interior by reconstructing and reshaping the space.

We are big believers in the personal touch. By giving local architectsthe opportunity to work with the resources of an award winning architecture firm we ensure that our projects are completely bespoke and perfectly integrated into the local area.

Here are a few of the locations we work in


Glasgow is known for its cutting-edge contemporary architecture. Home to some of the most innovative and respected architecture firms in the world we couldn't have chosen a better place to start our unique firm. We believe that Glasgow's history of innovation makes it the perfect home and we are proud to contribute to Glasgow's contemporary architectural profile.


Rich in architectural heritage Edinburgh's past is still evident in the city's streetscape, and many of its historic buildings now serve as inspiration for modern architects. With many of Edinburgh's historic buildings having been carefully restored, they now house modern businesses and apartments, however, their influence can still be seen in the work of contemporary architects, who often draw on Edinburgh's rich architectural heritage for inspiration.

At HOKO design, we are proud to be one of these firms, and our team has worked on a number of projects in Edinburgh that have been inspired by the city's architectural legacy. As a Scottish architectural firm, our focus on residential architecture has presented us with the opportunity to work with amazing projects, both considered architectural renovations and exciting new-builds.


HOKO design is excited to be working with a number of clients in London's ever-evolving and diverse architectural scene. We believe that London's position as a leading cultural centre provides opportunities for a wide range of innovative and exciting architectural projects, and we look forward to playing a role in shaping the future of architecture in London.


Bristol is home to a number of cutting-edge architecture firms, including HOKO design. We feel that our values are aligned with Bristol's dynamic architectural culture and several of our firm's architectural projects have been informed by the city's blend of architectural styles. We are committed to creating buildings that reflect Bristol's blend of historical and contemporary architecture, and are proud to be part of its vibrant architectural community!


Brighton's architecture is both diverse and vibrant! From Victorian to Modernist, Brighton is an exciting place to work and always presents new challenges and opportunities. At HOKO design our style of residential architecture mirrors Brighton's livability and vibrant cultural scene, making it an incredibly exciting place to work.

Any Questions?

Your home is your most valuable asset, altering it can be life-changing. Our team are always keen to get involved in exciting new projects so if you're curious about taking the first step, contact us and we'll be delighted to help!