How much value does an extension add to your home?

Extensions are a great way to add value to your property; they provide additional space and, when designed carefully, can add character and flair to you home. If you are considering a home extension, wondering what the the cost of a home extension will be, or interested in how much value an extension will add … Continued

Ground floor extensions – how much do they cost?

This is the big question How much will it cost? As Architects we get asked this all the time, sometimes on the phone having never even viewed the property! There is a reason this topic is at the forefront of everyone’s mind when thinking about extending your home; ground floor extensions can be one of … Continued

Flat or sloped roof extension – which is right for your home?

So you’ve settled on a single storey rear extension to create an open plan kitchen/diner. Like many homeowners you may have automatically assumed it will have a sloped roof with standard Velux type roof windows, however this isn’t always the best option in the real word. Let’s weigh up some of the benefits and downsides … Continued

Loft Conversion or Extension – which is best for my home?

Loft conversion or Home Extension? With the rise in popularity of loft conversions, you may be wondering if it is better to build an extension or convert your attic space into another living level. The answer lies not only with what type and style of house that you’re working with, but also how much room … Continued

Upgrading your House? Find the cheapest energy supplier

Tips on finding the cheapest energy supplier  Many people who actually move house could very well be as well or even better off improving their current house to their needs. Often a slight renovation project or new extension is easier to realise than an entire move of home. One of the aspects that you can … Continued

An interior designer’s take on creating space for Christmas

The way we celebrate Christmas is changing. With the pandemic leading to widespread travel restrictions and a burgeoning trend towards ‘staycations’, many of us are deciding to spend Christmas at home. In fact, last year over 76% Britons spent Christmas in their own home and with many re-evaluating their priorities during the pandemic, this trend looks set to … Continued

Wondering how to make your home more eco-friendly?

Are you wondering how to make your house more eco-friendly? With the COP26 Climate Summit just weeks away, the Climate Crisis has never been more on our minds. We can all play our part in helping the environment, and at HOKO we believe the home is the best place to start. Before thousands gather in … Continued

7 Projects that will add value to your home

So you want to know how to add value to your home?   Homes are our biggest assets. And adding value to your home is about more than just the numbers. It’s about improving the time you spend in your home too. Our homes are where our kids take their first steps, where amazing dinners … Continued

Our top tips to achieve indoor / outdoor living in your home

Being cooped up inside for over a year has led to a boom in indoor/outdoor living. It’s not difficult to see why. When your home offers you the flexibility to live as you like, with room to entertain and space to come together as a family – your quality of life improves immeasurably.   In … Continued