Are the days of open-plan living over? Is broken-plan the new open-plan?

Open-plan interior design has been a trend for over twenty years, but is it really the best layout for our homes?

Many are beginning to shift to a more flexible approach to designing their home: ‘broken-plan’.


What is broken plan?


Broken-plan spaces enjoy all the benefits of an open-plan layout, such as increased light and sociable living, but with more flexibility and privacy. With Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions across the UK and everyone spending more time indoors, it’s no surprise that spending all of our time in the same four walls has felt limiting for some.

A report by John Lewis showed that during 2020, 20% of people in the UK reconfigured an open plan layout to allow for different activities throughout the day. Broken-plan design offers an attractive compromise, and experts think it could be the next big thing.


Here are some of the key benefits to investing in broken-plan design…


Broken-plan layouts offer flexibility for different days, seasons and occasions


Broken-plan designs aren’t fixed, which is part of what makes them so attractive after a year of so much change and uncertainty. Features such as sliding curtains, moveable furniture, or rotating walls can be adjusted easily to offer some variety in the space day-to-day.

Every day is different, and our living spaces should be able to adjust. There is always the option to open the space up, or alternatively you can still find a quiet place to relax and binge that TV show whilst your partner entertains their guests!


After the year we’ve all had, privacy is valued more than ever before


With lockdowns and travel restrictions, most Brits spent an average of an extra 8 hours per day in their house during 2020. This sort of adjustment can understandably lead to tension in households who aren’t used to sharing space.

Last year, 20% of us created space in our homes specifically for alone-time. A broken-plan layout strikes the balance between creating a hub for people to come together and offers nooks to escape to for some quiet. 

Our mission is to provide the perfect client experience. To help us do that we use Virtual Reality technology and video flythroughs. Video helps you to plan your private spots and visualise what they would look like.


Multifunctional living requires multifunctional spaces


One of the main benefits of broken-plan design is the opportunity to use a space for multiple different purposes. Did you spend lockdown doing YouTube workouts in the same room as a school class and dinner being cooked?

Broken-plan rooms can be split into different zones for different tasks. So that everyone can focus on their task with a little less distraction.

A segmented approach also reduces the noise and smells travelling through the space. So cooking smells don’t linger and there are no cameo appearances on your zoom calls. 


Broken-plan rooms are cosier


Whilst large bright open spaces are brilliant during Summer days, sometimes we all just want a little cosy and comfortable nook to spend our down-time.

Open-plan spaces are also notoriously expensive to heat. So your bank account, and the planet, will thank you for investing in a broken-plan design.


You will have more space for storage


One of the main disadvantages of open-plan layouts is the lack of wall space. When walls are knocked down, valuable storage space disappears too.

One way to combat this is to use free standing furniture, shelves and half walls. This not only helps to segment the room, but also provides handy storage spots. Meaning you can keep objects organised and reduce visual clutter. Out of sight, out of mind! 

We can help you source the best storage furniture for your space through HOKO shop, a collective of our most trusted product suppliers. 


Open-plan is no longer the go-to


These are just a few of the reasons why many people are making the switch from open-plan to broken-plan. 


If you’re thinking about making the switch to broken-plan living, contact us for advice. We offer unlimited planning revisions to guarantee that your space is exactly how you imagine it. 

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