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Edinburgh has a long and rich history of architecture, dating back to the Medieval period. Some of the city’s most iconic buildings were constructed during this time, including Edinburgh Castle and St Giles’ Cathedral. In the centuries that followed, Edinburgh emerged as one of the leading centres of the Scottish Enlightenment. Edinburgh’s architecture also evolved in step with several notable architects working in the city, including Robert Adam and William Chambers who’s work reflected the changing political and social landscape. The grand residences of the Scottish nobility gave way to stylish townhouses and Georgian terraces, while Gothic Revival churches became a feature of the cityscape.

Today, Edinburgh’s architectural heritage is still evident in the city’s streetscape, and many of its historic buildings now serve as inspiration for modern architects. With many of Edinburgh’s historic buildings having been carefully restored, they now house modern businesses and apartments, however, their influence can still be seen in the work of contemporary architects, who often draw on Edinburgh’s rich architectural heritage for inspiration.

At HOKO design, we are proud to be one of these firms, and our team has worked on a number of projects in Edinburgh that have been inspired by the city’s architectural legacy. As a Scottish architectural firm, our focus on residential architecture has presented us with the opportunity to work with amazing projects, both considered architectural renovations and exciting new-builds.

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