Making changes to your home: 7 tips to reduce your energy consumption

When you’re looking to make the most of your monthly budget, it’s important to understand which aspects you can make changes to. Expenses such as your mortgage or rent, council tax and energy bills are essential payments, taking up a significant proportion of your budget. But on the other hand, reducing your energy consumption can have a significant impact! So if you’re worried about the cost of living and are wondering how you can limit your energy consumption, carry on reading.

Upgrading your House? Find the cheapest energy supplier

Many people who actually move house could very well be as well or even better off improving their current house to their needs. Often a slight renovation project or new extension is easier to realise than an entire move of home. One of the aspects that you can make to decrease your living costs of your current home immediately is by finding the cheapest energy supplier.

Wondering how to make your home more eco-friendly?

Are you wondering how to make your house more eco-friendly? With the COP26 Climate Summit just weeks away, the Climate Crisis has never been more on our minds. We can all play our part in helping the environment, and at HOKO we believe the home is the best place to start.

Why using the right architect can save (and make) you money

Nobody likes spending money. If you’ve made the decision to spend money, you want to make sure that every single penny is working as hard as possible for you. It’s absolutely vital to use the right architect and we could list 100 reasons why finding the right architect will save you time and money.