Nobody likes spending money.

If you’ve made the decision to spend money, you want to make sure that every single penny is working as hard as possible for you.

It’s absolutely vital to use the right architect and we could list 100 reasons why finding the right architect will save you time and money.

But who’s got time for that? You’re busy people.


So instead, we’ll list five:


They can add value to your home

The right design can transform a home and add huge amounts of value. The wrong design can be off-putting to future buyers. If your design is creative and maximises the space, you will not only be happier in your home when you’re living there, but you’ll be far happier with your sale price when it’s time to move on.

They have valuable knowledge of available materials

As an example, we recently had a quote from a contractor for use of cedar cladding, but it was very expensive and would add a significant sum to the quote. Using our experience from previous work we pointed our clients in the direction of alternative PVC cladding which would be 15% of the cost, come in the colour they wanted (they were originally planning to paint the cladding which would add further cost) and require absolutely no maintenance.

They can protect you from being taken advantage of

Through our website, contractors login to fill out a PQQ to be considered as one of our approved suppliers able to tender for work with our clients. This gives you, the client, access to the very best contractors and allows us to act as an impartial referee who makes sure you are treated fairly, both in terms of cost and quality of service.

They can guide you through the planning process

We pride ourselves on being able to take your vision and improve it beyond your wildest expectations, but we also make sure our finished design gives you the best possible chance to quickly and simply navigate the planning process. This can be hugely time intensive, but by designing through the eyes of planners, contractors, engineers and building control, these considerations will help you get to a “yes” more quickly.

They set clear expectations

If you have an understanding from the outset of how long certain areas of your house may be out of action and the demands on you throughout, you will be able to plan ahead and you won’t waste any time. We know your time is valuable and we’ll always treat it that way.

So, if you want to find an architect who’ll save you time and money, we know just where to find one…

Contact us.