The world constantly evolves, but our current situation has accelerated the pace of change beyond what any of us thought was possible. Only 9% of people say that, post-pandemic, they want life to return to “normal” according to a recent poll.


How will this affect the way we use our homes?


This temporary house arrest has provided proof of the importance of our domestic spaces; the need to properly utilise every square foot and the abundance of different potential uses for our homes; they are not just homes right now, they are also our offices, cinemas, offices,  schools, restaurants,gyms…


Here’s why and how Hoko can help you create these various environments:



The idea of going to an office is not dead but it’s highly likely that employers will question the premium they pay for large office space to accommodate employees who are able to do the majority of their work at home.

These last weeks have also proved that many of our homes are not easily adapted to this function. We’ve seen laptops on top of an ironing board in the hall, and Chiropractic will no doubt be a boom industry post-lockdown given the ill effects of people working at their kitchen tables.

If we are to continue to work from home permanently,  or even occasionally, , we should make use of the money we’ll save from no longer having to commute every day.  Have you explored the idea of an extension or a converted garage creating an environment which fits your needs and which you can shut the door on at the end of a working day?



Many of us give up on our fitness resolutions because of practical difficulties. Maybe it’s the lack of a shower at work, a culture of long hours and presenteeism, or a long commute.

If there’s no longer a commute in the equation, then there’s one less barrier to prevent fitness from being a regular part of your life and a part of your home.

People spend a lot of money on gym memberships. It’s highly unlikely gyms will open again in the foreseeable future. Personal trainers across the world have now shifted their service online and for many people, PE with Joe is now an indelible part of the morning routine… You could invest in a space that’s dedicated to fitness.



We don’t know when restaurants will return and in what form.  Last month, 38% of us said we were cooking from scratch more than we used to pre-pandemic.

I’ve spoken often to people who have said they’re able to have three meals a day with their family and regard that as one emerging highlight from our current situation.

Will this change our kitchens? The kitchen has always been the heart of the home but never more so than now. Do you have seating space for family meals and food preparation areas for exploring the limits of your new culinary powers? With an internal alteration, Hoko can make the kitchen the focal point of the house that it should be.


TV room 

Odeon Cinemas will boycott films made by Universal Films after the studio released Trolls early on streaming platforms, rather than waiting for cinemas to reopen.

This is the latest shift towards an evolving trend. The rise of streaming entertainment media poses a very real threat to cinemas, but what cinemas provide is a true, cinematic experience. How can Hoko replicate that for you at home?



What has this time of isolation and social distancing told you about how well your home is suited to your family life? Has your family outgrown its current space? Are little ones climbing the walls?  Are teenagers lacking privacy?

Imagine a loft conversion that could create a den for teenagers? A single-story extension that could provide the perfect footprint for a playroom. So many adult children have deserted their flats in the center of cities to return to their parents in the suburbs. Could you create a space for them which they would want to return to more often in normal times?


Climate conscious architecture

The global conversation around Climate Change has shifted down the list of priorities, but it will return. It’s unlikely we’ll want to return to a world of busy roads and pollution and we’ll certainly miss the sound of birdsong. .How can we make our homes better environmentally,  both for us and the world?

At Hoko, we pride ourselves on providing creative solutions and always work with our clients to explore options that are more environmentally friendly, with better ventilation and sustainable materials.


The pandemic has shone a light on the fact that our homes are where we feel safest. When all else fails, our homes provide an escape from the outside world. That’s why Hoko’s mission is to help homeowners make their dream home a reality.

Even if such ideas are just a dream for now, get in touch with us because with Virtual Reality we can show you what could be possible in your home.