Are you wondering how to make your house more eco-friendly? With the COP26 Climate Summit just weeks away, the Climate Crisis has never been more on our minds. We can all play our part in helping the environment, and at HOKO we believe the home is the best place to start.

Before thousands gather in Glasgow for the event, we’ve thought of some of the ways we can make our homes more environmentally friendly.

Invest in solar panels


When we hear ‘eco-friendly home’, most of us immediately think of solar panels. Although widely regarded as a pricey option, they can be just as sustainable for your bank account as for the planet. The UK Government even offers grants to help pay for them.

Surprisingly, heat has no effect on how well solar panels absorb sunlight, so even if you are in the UK these are still a great investment!

Insulate your property


As we approach the colder months, it’s especially important to keep our homes warm, and insulating our homes can even have a positive effect on the environment due to lower energy usage.

In the past two decades, the UK has seen its hottest years since records began. However, so many of the properties that we live in were built to retain as much heat as possible.

Options such as double-glazed windows and insulated walls or roofs can work to keep your home warm in the Winter, and cool in the Summer, so it’s a win-win.

Think about the materials

Whether they emit harmful fumes, aren’t biodegradable, or are processed unsustainably, so many of the materials that we use to build and maintain houses are toxic to the environment.

But luckily for us, there are alternatives out there, and many of them can actually make your home feel a lot more natural. Why not opt for water-based paints or wooden window frames? You can always look for an Environmental Product Declaration on the label of products when purchasing them.


Plants can do wonders for air quality


Would you believe that having a few plants can actually improve air quality in your home? Plants absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen, working as your very own air-purifier. Having a leafy monstera or some hanging ivy around certainly isn’t hard on the eyes either!

Upgrade your curtains and blinds


The summer months may be over, but after the heatwaves, we have had this year it is more important than ever to keep our houses cool. Many UK houses aren’t equipped to deal with the heat, but there can be a quick fix.

High-quality curtains or blinds block out the sunlight during the day, meaning less heat building up in our homes. During the Winter some thick curtains can also add a layer of protection from the outside cold.

If you’re looking to purchase new homeware, we can help you find the best pieces through our HOKO shop, a collective of our most trusted product suppliers.

Think about your appliances


Many of us use our household appliances daily, so it’s important to learn about their environmental impact.

There are a lot of options to consider, and every household is different. Do you tend to boil the whole kettle for one cup of tea? Alternatives such as kettles with cup measurement lines might seem like a small change to make, but over the course of a year, they could make a huge impact on your annual energy consumption.

Replacing appliances such as fridges, microwaves, and ovens regularly means you stay up to date with the most energy-efficient technology. Check out this guide to energy labels and choosing the right appliances.



We all want a home with good light, and energy-efficient lightbulbs are a quick and cost-effective change that can go far to make your home more energy-efficient.

However, sometimes the best eco-friendly solution is to remove artificial light from the equation entirely. We can help you utilise the sun in your home by introducing more natural light with large windows or French doors.

Interested in making your home more eco-friendly?


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