Planning a home renovation can be stressful and you might have lots of questions and concerns – that’s where we come in.

HOKO has made the process of planning and executing a renovation project as simple and enjoyable as possible. 

Don’t know if the design is affordable? We do a full cost plan before Planning

When imagining your dream home, it’s easy enough to imagine what you’d do with an unlimited budget from hardwood floors to double sinks in the bathroom. It’s a bit harder to estimate the cost of everything. 

Nobody wants the stress of a home renovation project without knowing you’re going to get amazing results without breaking the bank. You don’t want to fall in love with the idea of something only to realise down the line that it’s way out of your budget. 

That’s why HOKO does a cost plan right at the beginning stages of a project. This way, we can make sure that we alter the scheme to suit your taste and budget. 

Want an amazing interior finish on a budget? We created the HOKO Shop

Finishing touches are what turn a house into a home. A home that you’re proud to show off and one you enjoy living in. That’s why we created (and will soon be launching) HOKO Shop, a collection of our trusted, quality suppliers who can give you the look you want for your house while keeping your budget intact.

From statement baths to sliding doors and more, you’ll be able to find a look you love from our range of suppliers in the HOKO Shop. And since it’s all conveniently in one place, you can use your precious time imagining life in your new space instead of scouring Pinterest. 

We’ll take into account your personal style and work with you and our suppliers to ensure your finished home is just how you like it. 

Worried that hidden or professional costs will climb out of control? We have fixed pricing

When planning a renovation, factoring in professional costs or surprise expenditure can quickly overwhelm any budget. 

Do you ever watch property building or renovation programmes and wonder how the budgets get so out of control? So did we. We saw an opportunity to make a change within the Architecture industry and seized it.

That’s why we work with simple, fixed pricing. So you know exactly what our services and your build is going to cost up front. With no nasty surprises at the end. We believe this is how it should be, simple. 

If you have any other questions or need any advice, you can always join us on Instagram for our #AskAnArchitect series on Instagram. Or use our Quick Quote Calculator to see what your budget could build.